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A blurb landed in my head today. A fully formed blurb for a book I didn't know I was supposed to write. Hell, there are four others that I've not finished yet...


When Sarah Palmer is found floating face down in a swimming pool, it is classified by the police as a simple suicide. But one man has other ideas. Having had a passing acquaintance with the deceased woman, [character] believes that there is more to this than meets the eye. Why had she [so and so], and who was [so and so] that she had called only an hour previously?

In a world inhabited by people with dark secrets and hidden identities, [character] must find out the true reasons behind the death of the beautiful young heiress and at the same time deal with his own life and problems that are bizarre even for the world he lives in.


The bits in the square brackets are basically equivalent to this year's NaNo's [insert more plot here] sections. :P

But this isn't even usually the kind of novel I write, so... And it's modern fantasy. The MC is a swenwolf and there are various vampires, werewolves, swenwolves, the occasional elf, the bloke who turned up in my head with a hatred of elves because one had an affair with his wife...

Modern fantasy murder mystery.

Oh shit.

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