Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

Mmm... does anyone know if any fansubbers are looking for a beta english checker?

I've been noticing some really bizarre errors in my fansubs. Things like spelling mistakes, missing words, or weirdly things like number agreement and whatnot.

I know it can be 'cause people get wrapped up in one thing, they forget about another. But it can kinda spoil a person's enjoyment. ^_^; Especially if you're the kinda person that sits there at work tutting and correcting the grammar in received letters at work and the local newspaper. (Guess what kinda person I am...)#

I was just wondering if anyone knew of anyone who'd want someone to just skim through and check to make sure?

'Least, anything I can do to help people who're like me and who end up nearly biting the sofa after the third such kind of error...

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