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Anyone Who Said 'Carpet' Was Half Right...

His name is Jack. :)

I had my first unofficial driving lesson today. I stalled it too many times to count, went into second gear and went around two road islands about 8 times... x.x;;

I don't feel like I'm doing so well, although apparently I'm doing quite well for someone who's never driven before. Must get better!


May. 15th, 2006 09:15 am (UTC)
Nelly is based on the numberplate... the last three characters are "NLE"

Mrs K and my computers (we have one each...) are networked as "Yin" and "Yang" - as initialy yin was beige, and yang was antibeige (read "Dell standard issue grey")... since we upgraded yin, both machines are now antibeige but teh names stuck!

...and reguarding driving, I had two lessons 13 years ago and it traumatised me to teh extent that it's only now that I can comtemplate trying again (and that's only due to external pressure to do so...)