Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

An especially epic dream


It started out with slavery and a catboy surrounded by normal human men, all being led barefoot over rough grassless ground to a huge house surrounded by lawns...

Soon ascertained that the catboy was a little naive and whilst he could read, write and count - which is more than some of the other slaves could - he wasn't so good at working on the real world and, I guess, was very slightly retarded in the human's eyes. That might just be because he wasn't human though and thus wouldn't entirely act like one.

He soon made a friend with one of the other male slaves, and one of the daughters of the house referred to the catboy as being 'creepy' because he moved quite silently and she didn't realise he was in a room at the same time she was.

Also, when the catboy tried to explore, he wandered into the wrong room and came face to face with the owner of the house. And he was scary... I don't know why I saw him like that, but his eyes were black pits and he had purple swirls around them, like they were sunken into his skull. Catboy made a prompt exit! I think I blame Doctor Who's Cybermen for that...

Some stuff I don't entirely remember happened, that resulted in a rain of blood. o.o; The daughters of the house were playing a game in a shallow swimming-pool like thing, so they were all underwater when it happened, but a maid saw the red rain falling and sat up so her head was above water. All this I saw like in a comic book, including when the blood hit her and smashed a hole in her skull. o.o;;;

Then some other stuff happened, including the catboy interrupting a kiss between his friend and another guy...

Then the catboy and his friend tried to escape. A man with long white hair arranged to pick them up and whilst they were sat beside the road waiting for him, the slave sat on a bench and the catboy say on the floor, leaning the back of his head against the slave's knee and looking up at him as they talked. It was very sweet... Then the white haired man arrived, but the catboy curled up around the slave's leg to stop him from going towards him. Even he didn't know why he did it, but he managed to stop the slave being run over by the owner of the house who drove by in a sports car. He saw them and told them that if he found them again, he'd take them back or kill them. I think he was a little scared of the man with white hair though.

Then the man with white hair picked them up and they went back with him.

There was also a kind of secret society thing that the man with white hair was in. You went in through a shop, got to a bar and showd ID, the barman opened up the bar and you went through the back into a massive warehouse...

The catboy was taken there by the white haired man later, but they got separated almost the minute they got in because the warehouse was full of birds in cases and cages, all alive. The catboy loved them because they were all so beautiful, and crawled (yep, crawled, I don't know if his legs were not fully functioning or something) around looking at them all. He accidentally sparked a security alert and was nearly picked up / killed by a man with a forklift truck before the white haired man found him and claimed him, saying he was harmless. Catboy was specifically taken with a beautiful bright blue water dragon...

Then it transpired the man in the forklift had been hanging around for ages and was actually a bad guy who had sneaked in and had plans for something or other... It got a little confusing.

Then I woke up... sadly. I wanted to dream some more...

Interestingly, the only thing my brain could come up with to call the catboy was 'Ritsuka'...

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