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Runaway Tales Master List: Unravel AU

Unravel AU

Sir Alexander Jaska is a knight in the service of High King Nazarian—a knight whose servants have a nasty habit of dying horribly in the line of duty. Forbidden from taking any more from the barracks or castle, Alex has to do the unthinkable: pay for his own.

Determined not to hire someone who'd then quit when they discovered his track record, Alex opts instead to purchase a slave. But is being led by fascination better than being led by your head, when your new slave makes no secret of his hatred for you?

And for the dark elf Milos, bought by exactly the kind of person he loathes and who laughs in the face of his threats, there's every chance he'll fail to outlive his new master: if the perils of his new life don't kill him, Alex's volatile temper just might. And it would be an easy way out of the life he hates—but it would mean admitting defeat...

  1. The Last Time / Temptation
  2. Cooling Off / What's Gotten Into You?
  3. A Misunderstanding / Betrayal
  4. Uncomfortable Silence / In Bad Taste
  5. A Wager / Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  6. Falling Apart / Well, Why Didn't You Say So?
  7. Routines / Bad Omen / No Questions Asked
  8. Lurking / Why So Serious?
  9. On The Road / And Where Do You Think You're Going?
  10. Salute / That's A Good Question
  11. Unfamiliar Customs / This Can Only Mean One Thing
  12. The Latest Trend / Whose Side Are You On?
  13. Inn/Hotel / What Part Of "No" Don't You Understand?
  14. Dinner Party / Have You Heard The News?
  15. What's Not To Love? / Don't Let Them Get Away
  16. Aren't You Glad You Asked? / Interrogation
  17. Alibi / The World May Never Know
  18. I Won't Take No For An Answer / Where It All Happened / Chain Reaction
  19. Your Secret Is Safe With Me / Choosing Sides
  20. Does This Remind You Of Anything?
  21. Tell Me Something I Don't Know / Handshake
  22. How Much More Can You Take? / Sacrifice / Out In The Cold
  23. A Meeting Place / Complacence


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