Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

Runaway Tales Master List: Arkadian


Arkadiy Olenov is many things - habitual flirt, occasional alcoholic, partial cyborg - but one thing he isn't is forgiving, and he'll go to the ends of the universe to get revenge, even if it means dragging his doctor (mechanic, friend) Vanya along with him. Paradigm is a shuttle thief with an uncanny resemblance to Arkadiy's most hated 'friend' who gets kidnapped by the shuttle he stole, thanks to the errant AI Maxim; Kse, dispatched to retrieve the thief, discovers the boundaries between right and wrong aren't quite as clear-cut as she thinks.

  1. Take That!
  2. You've Outdone Yourself / Why Can't You Be More Like...?
  3. On Second Thought
  4. I'm A Big Boy Now
  5. When Hell Freezes Over / I'll Never Sleep Alone
  6. Anniversary / Memorial
  7. Lucifugous
  8. A Storm
  9. Now What?
  10. No Peeking / I've Got My Eye On You
  11. Cloudgazing / Aeromancy
  12. Music / Singing / Dancing
  13. Just Be Yourself / When You Least Expect It
  14. Smithereens
  15. Just What I Always Wanted
  16. It's Not What It Looks Like
  17. The Last Word
  18. Have It Your Way
  19. You'll Never Get Away With This
  20. Cachinnate
  21. You Remind Me Of Someone

  22. Why Me?
  23. I Wouldn't Miss It

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