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Amazon deliveries are shipped so randomly...

Today I received 9 manga, an Ayu CD and Michael Marshall Smith book on top of the FFVII: Advent Children DVD and 1GB memory stick I ordered two days ago.

5 manga were ordered about two weeks ago, the other manga, book and CD were ordered about three weeks ago. o.o;;


Apr. 27th, 2006 12:09 pm (UTC)
I've only seen half of it so far, unfortunately, but I'm really enjoying it. I wasn't sure how much I'd like it because it's been hyped so much, even though I've been doing my best to ignore it. x.x;

But it's... really nifty. :o I've only listened to it in Japanese so far, but the voices match the characters really well.

And Loz is adorable. ^^;