Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

Somehow, I think I'll only use for starting new series. They kinda suck for a lot of things.

Like Ray, the manga by Akihito Yoshitomi. I've bought all three books from my local manga store, because until about two weeks ago Amazon didn't list it AT ALL. Not bad, I mean, three books in a series is just a piddling amount, isn't it? They did the same thing with Blame! for a short while too - I bought 1 and 3 from the D&D store. The only reason I bought 2 from Amazon was because the stockist hadn't seen fit to send Travelling Man book 2, and Amazon had only recently decided to stock it...

Someone gave me a link to Hyper Rune #2 on there too. The reason I couldn't find it is because it's published under the artist 'Kim Kang Won'. Which is strange, since it's Tamayo Akiyama's name on the front. Kim Kang Won does I.N.V.U... Mind, this is Amazon that sells the first Hyper Rune under the name 'Hyoer Run'. I shouldn't expect too much, should I?

The other thing that seriously irks me is Robot #2, edited by Range Murata. Amazon said it came out 15th March 2006 - but ever since that date has been saying 'limited availability'. This could perhaps be because when I looked on, I found it doesn't actually come out until some unnamed date in April. In the US. So that's probably a month later for here...

They're useless, they really are.

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