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I'm currently flailing about with Manga Studio 3.0 EX, which has cost me this week's wages. ^_^;

Quite bizarre really... There are very few tutorials out there. None on the best way to import to MS3, none on the best way to go about toning, none on how best to go about exporting your image. There are, however, two hefty Acrobat files which no doubt go into great depth about those, except... the combined total of pages weighs in at just over 500. I think I'll take the bigger manual (300+ pages) to work on MP3 drive (well, I've been using my MP3 player as storage half the time lately anyway...) and print it out using the printer paper we got 'free' (i.e. sent to us by mistake - I asked for two reams of A3... got two reams of cheap A4 instead. O.o Their mistake, no charge).

It's great though. Because it's EX, it comes with a billion and one extra tones which I am flailing around with more than the actual program, mostly because my CD drive is turning to shit right before my eyes. That and there are a lot more to install, and they take a while. Bye bye HD space!


I have characters and I ain't afraid to use 'em! Well, to be specific, I have Yellow and Maran. Neither of which entirely want to co-operate in their design... So I might make a manga sometime, when I find a plot. Which incidentally coincides with the plot I'm needing for the sci fi I've started writing (Aralelle gets to be a hologram. She's not liking it much).

Well, since there's no real tutorials out there... Guess I'm gonna have to experiment! :D

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