Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

Today my (heft) copy of The Element Encyclop(a)edia of Magical Creatures arrived.

I looked inside the flap and lo, I discovered its RRP is £20.

Which rather came as a shock... so I checked my Amazon invoice.

I paid £9.99. Now that's a bargain. O.o

Incidentally... David Tennant in Harry Potter? I didn't know he was until he just... appeared... and cast the Dark Mark. O.o

I guess he wasn't considered famous enough to stick on the DVD cover, even though Gary Oldman got credited on the back and he was in it for all of five minutes. As a fire. Yeah.

David Tennant, doing what David Tennant does best. Looking rabid and being all evil-like. It's still hard to get the hang of him being Doctor Who, even if he is cute and can do humour as easily as doing evilness.

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