Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

Waaaah, Death Note is all kinds of wonderfulness!

I'm so disappointed that the next one comes out in May. :( Seems like all the books I love come out then (even Blame!...). Four books in and I'm hooked. I really, really want to know what happens, I need to know why Light's done what he's done! It makes no sense! AAAAARGH!!

Bleach is looking quite interesting, even if it's hardly original. I mean, I think I've seen everything in it before, even down to the art style. However, I have no idea why people have the urge to bash Orihime in Rukia/Ichigo fanfics. I mean... you can pair Orihime with her female best friend really, really easily, and then everyone's happy. ^_^ Orihime's cute, although not as cute as Misa from Death Note.

Gunslinger Girl has a really interesting premise. There's only three or so books it seems, so I'll definitely continue that.

Just gotta wait for the others to come in now, although gods know what else might take my fancy in that time.

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