July 5th, 2007

Marathon Creed

(no subject)

You know, I forgot what a pain it was to ink a mostly-A4 full-page picture of two characters and minor background...

I've finished Keisuke (mostly), but Akira is still looking distinctly too bold in places and his head isn't blending in well with the painting behind him... I also don't know how the hell to ink broken glass, so it's not likely to be a good background.

Plus, in flicking through a large CG .zip pack from the game when searching for a good Keisuke ref for that damn T-shirt, I think I inadvertantly spoiled a particular plot point / ending. O___o I got the ref, but maaaan I hope it's an ending I don't get, rather than a plot point. It looked scary.

...Yep, such references to Togainu no Chi without dodgy translations mean that my Fanart50 application was approved. :D

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