July 3rd, 2007

Octogirl and Malinki

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Took me a while to notice that another character's name was undergoing a change through the translator. More subtle than that of the phosphorescent Rin.

It referred to 'the source' which, considering some of the things popping out of it, was relatively sensible.

(So far we've had one more bean jam occurrence, a few more vomits and several more kicks - but lately lacking in ladles.)

The unfortunate in question is 源泉.

...'Source' will have to suffice as a name, however. It's a struggle to find correlation between dictionaries - even those listing names - and fansites. I'll look further into it, but the name amuses me.

Anyway, I think it's likely to be apt. At least so far.

I'm not yet sure what the point of choosing whether or not to pose for a photograph was though.

I finally got to listen to my two drama CDs at work. They both made me laugh... As if people don't already think I'm insane. Akira definitely comes off badly in both of them, although in the Akira CD he seems to get the worst of it. The Arbiter, on the other hand, seems to be fairly happy...

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I can't get the hang of not having to worry about my script. It's so weird. I can read and not feel guilty - I just finished 'Keeping It Real', which was very good, and now I have a slew of other books to take on. I can draw without worrying about my word count. I can even write stories without thinking 'this should be a script'. I can play Guild Wars and Togainu no Chi without it being a quick play in the mornings or some snatched, guilty moment.

And most of all, no longer do I feel like I'm trying to run through mud but sinking as I go.

I think for now I'll read some more and then draw a little, still waiting for my Fandom50 thing. Game a little before bed. Then maybe tomorrow I'll start to write again. I've not written anything even resembling a story in so long.

I'm lacking in ideas. All I have are random quips and quotes that float into my head at work. Half are gone before I can write them down.

Any ideas?