June 30th, 2007

Marathon Creed

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The word Phosphorous keeps occuring. It also went Flooey the other day.

I just figured out why.

Looks like that's what it's translating リン as.

This wouldn't be so laughable if I didn't think I had a whole game ahead of me with a guy being referred to as Phosphorous.

Poor Rin...
Marathon Creed

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How do you turn:



"cc and , ..floatage.. cc [uwaaaaaa] ..floatage.. ..floatage.. !"

I mean... surely "u... u, u...uwaaaaaa!!!" is a scream in any language...?

Still, it could be worse I suppose. After all, one character agreeing with another somehow comes out as 'sleep'.

Akira-model somehow seems happy standing next to Shiki-model, although impressively Akira is actually shorter than Shiki. I'll have to wait for a bit in the game to find out if he really is shorter though, I think.

I'm still fascinated by his half-unbuttoned pants...