June 10th, 2007

Marathon Creed

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The Butterfly Effect isn't as bad a movie as I'd expected - I quite enjoyed seeing where the twists would take him. Also heard about the 'Directors Cut' ending. It sounds... depressing.

I managed to not miss the bus today! \o/
Marathon Creed

(no subject)

Trying to figure out how to plug the games in my manga collection would be easier if I knew precisely what was a gap and what wasn't...

I shouldn't have let myself get behind with that, it was just messy sorting it out... Books I've had for ages but didn't input into the list.

And a couple of books I think I've misplaced. O_o


Nevertheless, I now have 340 books, including one I've only been searching for for maybe two years now? Although it was worth the wait, I've now just had to hunt down the second one, which is as out of print as the one I somehow found in Forbidden Planet...

Turns out I didn't have Bleach 17. O_o And I hadn't put Bleach 16 on the list, despite it being on the shelf... gah.

I can't let that happen again.