May 22nd, 2007

Marathon Creed

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Doctor Who Confidential has a lot to answer for when it comes to commandeering my favourite songs / songs I was intending to use for Script Frenzy.

Can anyone recommend British bands in the vein of Muse / Maximo Park / Kaiser Chiefs / Manic Street Preachers / Mika? I need to get into the spirit, since there's only 10 days left before I have to shoehorn sullen, bitter MC into a two-hour movie. And why are most British bands these days hijacking the M section of your local music store?

As to Muse themselves, I've ordered their last two CDs. I can't believe Origin of Symmetry was made in 2001... I feel so old. I remember getting that CD like it was yesterday.

At least I'm starting to understand my MC more. How I'm going to cram him into a movie is another matter.

But I think I like him, which is most important.
Marathon Creed

(no subject)

I got an email today with, well, one word in it. From a total stranger.

The subject line was "VSE na pokupku pingvinov", which I could tell was Russian.

So after faffing around with the Russian keyboard layout on my computer, I haphazardly managed to type "все на покупку пингвинов" into Google language tools and got...

"all for the purchase of penguins"