March 10th, 2007

Marathon Creed

(no subject)

I think Primeval has indeed improved slightly: one bit made me actually laugh at the humour of it, rather than simply at it, and another bit actively made me go "URGH!" (but let's face it, someone was tasting bird crap - that's an URGH every time).

Plus the fandom doesn't really appear psycho or anything (unless you go to the ITV forums, where they're all as creepy as fuck).

Claire Buckfield ended up in the final of Dancing on Ice. What utter shit! She should have gone out last week in place of Lee, because basically, she can't fucking skate. She's always clinging onto her partner, barely does anything on her own and spends half her time either whining or crying.
Emily, who got voted out today, had a couple of weeks of bad performances because she lost her nerve, but had finally regained it today and produced a stellar performance, which got voted lower than Claire's for no apparent reason. One bizarre criticism was that "she lands with two feet instead of one", but when you watched the replays you could see that it simply was not the case. The only time she landed on two feet was when landing on one would have broken her ankle...
Claire even got voted higher than Duncan, who also put in a great performance.


I still hope Kyran wins though. But I never thought I'd see someone breakdancing on ice to Billie Jean...