July 18th, 2006

Marathon Creed

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It took ages for us to be on the news, surprisingly. Considering what they don't tell you when they mention 'power cables' is that it melted through them, it was that hot. And not only that - it seems that because one set broke, the rest connected to it have broken. One set is resting on a building, another set seems to have collapsed over the road, and all in all it's a pretty horrendous mess.

'Least the news report didn't mention the road name. They decided to rename Trent Lane 'Trent Road' on the local TV news, which is quite impressive because the road she was doing the report from... That was Willow Farm Bridge, which she seemed to think was another part of the nonexistent 'Trent Road'. :P I suspect there IS a Trent Road somewhere, it's just... not here.

It was still giving off smoke this morning, and they were still dampening pockets of flames at lunch. o.o;
Marathon Creed

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I'm easily amused and the like. But seeing every kitsune-warashi these days being all pouty-pouty and angsty kinda irks me.

I originally drew this guy whilst rather ratted. He came out looking obnoxious and overconfident though, which was good.

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It's been ages since I posted any artwork here. :P

Top Gear is always vastly amusing.

The power lines haven't been repaired yet.
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