July 17th, 2006

Von Karma: Headbanger!

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If I see another 'Uncorrectable error or media is write protected' message today. I will scream.

It comes to something when the 'Address mark not found' message makes a welcome change.

Tomorrow, I get to try to sit through the other 98% of the hard disc diagnostic. ...It took an hour and a half just to get to that 2% completed. I'm hoping the errors are at the start of the HD and will bugger off after a while.
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Pulled Under

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Right now you're getting a bit of news before it's on the TV or the news sites. :3

There is one HELL of a massive fire going on right now in Castle Donington, at Birchmead Pallets.

I went out the house to go to the pub at 9PM and the first thing I saw was this huge plume of black smoke. And my first thought was: oh shit, my workplace is on fire!

Well, almost... it's right next door. There's gotta be at least 8 fire engines attending to it, but it's still going. And it's almost midnight now...

The power's fizzled three times because the flames are so high they're crisping pylon power lines... And I think it's spreading north-eastwards, up towards the industrial estate. At least, it better be, since I don't want to get to work tomorrow and find my office is a chunk of nicely melted metal and plastic...

The turnout was amazing, to be honest. A large chunk of the village was watching, at the entrance to Back Lane (which was cordoned off by the police), all along the Spital, at the other end of Trent Lane and they were even all arranged along the grass verge of Bentley Road (the hill in front of my house). It was most impressive...

Kinda scary though, for that moment I thought my workplace was a goner...
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