July 7th, 2006

Marathon Creed

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It's always nice to get messages from people you've not heard from in a while! ^_____^ Kitsune-sama from DA left me a comment AND sent me an AIM message (I was away though ;_; ) and I'm glad she's doing okay, even if she's really busy!


I dunno, hearing from people always makes me grin, so I forgot what I was gonna say now...

Well, unless it's the person who called my cellphone 7 times in one day without leaving a message and withholding their number - like hell I'm gonna answer a withheld number! So the 8th time they rang, I didn't say anything. And they didn't say anything either. Silence for 20 seconds! Bastards. I hope they were on a different network so it cost them! They've not called back since.

If it's a withheld number, like HELL I'm gonna say anything first! Gods ONLY know who it might be.

*considers message from Kitsune-sama again, then ignores idiotic phonecalls and goes back to grinning*
Marathon Creed

(no subject)

Quite randomly, I want to cosplay as Machika from Immortal Rain.


I can just about get away with the hair, I could pick up contact lenses if I wanted to be especially picky (why do all red haired girls normally have blue eyes? I can't help my brown eyes...).

But aside from needing a green dress I can modify heavily, I need rather a lot of foundation and face makeup. :(

And even then it won't exactly disguise the fact I'm hardly attractive. But on the other hand, maybe I can attract fame the way the fat Sailor Moon girls and Sailor Bubba did!