June 29th, 2006

Von Karma: Headbanger!

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My mother is driving me nuts right now.

I mean, I guess in some ways, she's the ideal supportive parent.

She just told me that if, when I finishg work, if I wanted to start working on comics full-time she'd support me.


She's constantly neglecting the fact that there are all of TWO manga studios in the UK - Sweatdrop and XD. The likelihood of either taking me on is negligable. The likelihood of me setting up my own studio is likewise negligable.

She doesn't seem to realise quite what goes into either of these. Deadlines, for a start.

Yeah, so I'm at page 26 or so of my NaNoMangO: that's only because I'm desperate to finish for the first time in THREE YEARS. The chances of me being able to bring out a manga for however long, including cliffhangers at the end of however many pages... it ain't happening.

Not to mention my art not only sucks, but is seriously not commercially viable. People like fluffy artwork, cute chibis magical crap and gods know what else (well, speaking from what I've seen of Sweatdrop's stuff anyway). They don't expect to find a dead body on page 23 or so with a bloody great gash across its chest and blood running from its mouth.

It's soooooooo not happening.

*bashes head against wall* If I can't even get people to buy the stuff I do NOW, why does she think anyone would be even REMOTELY inclined to buy a comic by me?! She's in a world of her own, I swear...

*pissed off*
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