June 18th, 2006


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I could have done with knowing that Full Metal Alchemist ran to 13 DVDs. T____T

Disc 7 doesn't come out here 'till the end of June. So I'm going to order it from AnimeNation.

...but since we're so very behind, every single order will have to be via AnimeNation now...

T____________T I just spent an inhuman amount of money on three DVDs and the movie. AND I bought disc 6 from Amazon.co.uk...

It's my mother's fault. =_=; If she hadn't become addicted to it after the first disc, I wouldn't have bought 2 and 3, and if she hadn't loved those I wouldn't have bought 4 and 5... and having watched those, now I'm addicted too.


*goes for a shower and reads some Tsubasa, Immortal Rain and XXXHolic to take her mind off the horrendous shipping fees no doubt coming her way*
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