June 5th, 2006

Pulled Under

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It's weird, drawing a manga that follows on from a story barely written, yet one I know all the details of.

Most intruiging will be Owen and Shield's relationship when they meet again. That relationship was weird to start with.

See, normally when I dream, I make the people from those dreams into my characters. It's kinda rare for me to actually dream about characters I already have going.

But somewhere there is a section of story I wrote about a dream where Shield and Owen met. And liked one another. Right up until Shield found that Owen was trying to kill everyone.

It's funny how dredging up old stories makes you think more about motivations you thought were perfectly clear to start with initially.

And what DO I do with this once-twelve-years-old boy who now wants revenge for someting that's not even Shield's fault?

We shall see! (I'm on page 6 right now!)

Happy end-of-the-world for tomorrow, just in case the world should end in the night. ;) (I hope it doesn't, I always wanted to be in a zombie movie, which is apparently what the earth will become if the dead rise up like Revelations says they will! And real life would be even better~! Mind, it feels like near everyone in this town in a zombie... :( )
Me as Sadako

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Incidentally, Phoenix Wright is currently eating my soul.

I'm on the last case!

I went all squidgy over vulnerable!Edgeworth too... Awwwwww!

All I need now, aside from to finish the game, is to get a clip of von Karma banging his head against the wall to make an icon from! That would have so many uses as an icon!

Von Karma was a total bastard. :(