May 21st, 2006

Drow Priestess

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It wasn't Café Kichijouji De, which makes me a sad bunny. :( It was, however, chocolate from Hotel Chocolate, so I don't mind so much. ^_^

I have a sneaking suspicion I'll have to buy FullMetal Alchemist DVD #2. Mum said she wasn't watching the first disc when I was watching it downstairs, but after it finished and I was watching Samurai Champloo, she started asking me what happened in ep #4. I think she was more into it than she would admit...

I've got XXXholic #2, #3 and #4 to watch! I don't really care so much that it's been licensed, because as far as I know it's not been licensed here yet. I can't help that, can I? I'm not really supposed to be allowed to import anything on DVD, all the companies used to rant on about how bad importing was.

Well, I just arranged to import Scrapped Princess DVDs 1, 2 and 3 and Loveless DVDs 1 and 2, neither series of which has been licensed here.

You know the ultimate irony? I wouldn't have even considered importing Scrapped Princess if I hadn't seen a few eps fansubbed to start! And yet all the companies decry fansubbing and say it's evil and spoils their sales.

If it spoils their sales that much, maybe I should just go cancel the order on those 3 DVDs right now...
Marathon Creed

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Mmm... does anyone know if any fansubbers are looking for a beta english checker?

I've been noticing some really bizarre errors in my fansubs. Things like spelling mistakes, missing words, or weirdly things like number agreement and whatnot.

I know it can be 'cause people get wrapped up in one thing, they forget about another. But it can kinda spoil a person's enjoyment. ^_^; Especially if you're the kinda person that sits there at work tutting and correcting the grammar in received letters at work and the local newspaper. (Guess what kinda person I am...)#

I was just wondering if anyone knew of anyone who'd want someone to just skim through and check to make sure?

'Least, anything I can do to help people who're like me and who end up nearly biting the sofa after the third such kind of error...