May 20th, 2006


(no subject)

I'm finally starting to understand how to use Bryce now, which is a relief because I'd had it for about a month or so now... (Couldn't even understand the demo with the first issue of ImagineFX, how dumb am I?).

Violinist of Hameln the movie is all kinds of awesomeness (and not just because of one specific scene involving Raiel and Hameln, although it did help).

I've got Maria-sama ga Miteru and XXXholic to watch now. ^_^

And I think Café Kichijouji De #3 arrived today~! (Along with The Demon Ororon #3 finally, with any luck.)

I managed to move forwards in my car without making it bounce all over the place yesterday~! What's the betting that's not going to be a continuing habit...