April 8th, 2006

Marathon Creed

(no subject)

I've now got 181 manga, because I managed to get Hyper Rune 1, 3 and 4. ...Amazon don't sell #2, wtf? Gonna post on manga for that, I think.

Still struggling to get to terms with the idea of short hair - I want to have it done pretty soon before I bottle out.

STILL got a crush on Lara Croft, it seems, since I bought TR: Legends today and man is she hot... And the most intuitively controlled on the X360 than I've seen on any other controller to date. The DC TR4 was awful... No wonder they're hailing it as a miraculous new start for the series - it's the first one after TR2 that's actually been enjoyable to play. Even if I AM now stuck.

Tamayo Akiyama still kicks arse and makes me feel ashamed of my artwork. Bleh.