February 15th, 2006

Drow Priestess

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Firefly is nifty. I like it a lot now I don't feel forced to watch it. It makes me laugh. Although sitting there and first staring at Wash and going "hey, that's him from A Knight's Tale..." and then staring at the Alliance bloke a couple of eps in and going "hey, that's Lynette's husband from Desperate Housewives..." is creepy.

These dreams are getting weirder. Spiders making nets to ensnare people (and coming out of my loft, apparently, that also seems to have a fan in it for some reason I don't know), and something to do with bells and valentines day that I really don't understand but suspect I'm supposed to...

If I see the words 'lavender orbs' again I will have to travel over to the US and punch R. A. Salvatore repeatedly in the face. Does he not realise that 'lavender orbs' can easily mean 'purple balls' and there are things I would rather think about than Drizzt's purple balls?

Never in my life will I refer to anyone's eyes as 'orbs'. Aside from the testical connotations, the other thing it makes me think about is Terry Pratchett's 'Blind Io', a god who has no eyes, but has a variety of eyeballs that circle his head. Any character with eyeballs circling its head is a prime mark for a damn good shooter...
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