January 15th, 2006

Marathon Creed

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Impressively stupid comment of the day:

"we all have our own styles but i think they limit people."

I'm sure Dali et al would be so glad to know that.

Someone responding to a response I left them saying that the inking style was my own. Of course the outline looks more bold than the rest of it. That could, perhaps, be because it is, you thick bitch.

The irony is, looking at her artwork... she has her own unvarying style. :) Hypocrisy much?

EDIT: Oh this gets even better.

"i would have to disagree i try not have a style a freind of mine has a style he developed he know hates doing it and finds it to hard to brake out of it, and i know lots similar"

They got told in the most insultingly polite terms I could manage that if they cannot 'break out' (and yes, break not brake as a brake is something you stop a car with, although I did restrain myself from pointing that out) then they are obviously not trying.

I have been drawing seriously since the age of 8. No shit. I taught myself perspective, equine proportions, realism of inanimate objects etc. etc. and it was as good as you would expect from an 8 year old, not to blow my own trumpet or anything. I have drawn manga since I was 16. But when I started to draw it, I drew in Yoshiyuki Sadamato's style, who does the original Evangelion manga. But after a while, maybe six months to a year, I realised that it wasn't working for me. My 'style', fledgling as it was, wanted to go where it felt like and the style I was drawing in was restricting that, as I was trying to follow someone else's patterns and forms.

So I stopped. I started trying to draw in my own style. And my early work was shit.

So I learned. I taught myself. I would have progressed better had I had a better art teacher, I will freely admit (my art teacher at the time idolised people who could cover the hallway of our building in plastic and call it 'art', and even my mother hated her. The teacher asked in condescending tones if my mother had ever sold artwork. She shut the hell up when my mother informed her that she had sold several commissions - and what she didn't tell her but what I know is that they sold for more than I think my art teacher ever got for her so called work).

My mother taught me basics instead.

And that style that this complete prick doesn't like is what my friends seem to like a lot. This style is what has gained me a surprisingly large amount of praise from total strangers, including one rather sweet but deluded person who informed me that I should be selling my artwork. I've had two 'commissions' from co-workers. I've had Gaia commissions, I've drawn sketches for people IRL that absolutely adored them for reasons I really can't understand. I've had friends that haven't seen my work for between four months to a year exclaim that I've improved, and a lot weren't shy with their admiration to start with, which again is extremely flattering...

This style seems to be doing a lot for me that their supposed 'lack of style' isn't doing for them. Before I moved DA accounts, I had over 19k pageviews, which I sincerely doubt they have.

Having said that, at risk of sounding bitchy but not really caring, their 'lack of style' appears to be 'lack of talent'. Or perhaps, more rightly 'lack of effort'. I don't really believe in talent. I think it exists, but talent without effort goes nowhere. Effort without natural talent can still go a long way, even if it takes longer. This person has no sense of proportion, facial or body. Of folds in cloth. Of perspective. And they seem to think that direct tracing of images is in some way acceptable. Their 'featured image' is a direct tracing of Cloud from Advent Children.

I don't understand that. What is so fucking great about tracing and trace-colouring someone else's work? It's THEFT. Someone else did the hard work, they just traced it. Bull fucking shit it's their work. I don't care what program they used or how long it took, someone else RENDERED that image. Someone else did the colour and lighting. Someone else did the pose. There is NO WAY IN HELL tracing it is a proper original artwork.

Bull fucking shit they 'have no style'. They're just too fucking crap to have one of their own.