January 14th, 2006

Marathon Creed

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Gemma managed to ask me the worst question ever yesterday.

"Can you see yourself marrying him?"

The response? "No! Yes! Er! I think he'd kill me first!"
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I feel vaguely accomplished.

I finally got around to making a community on LJ.


And I'm finally remembering the joys of being a paid user...
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Marathon Creed

Meme ganked from Neev, and more.

1. Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love of at some time in your life
2. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each item.
3. Post in your own journal.

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Also, playing X-Men Legends keeps prompting me about these two random mutants that have decided to take up residence in my head, and the random superhero girl who decided she wanted to live there too.

Wasp Girl. Name says it all really, doesn't it?
There's also a guy with 'misplaced telepathy'. Technically he's telepathic. But he misses. If he was aiming to speak telepathically with someone, he would very likely get the person sat next to them on the bus. Gods only know how that works, but it's frustrating for everyone.
And then there's the hermaphrodite who can convince people he's someone else. S/He's not an actual shape changer, but he can kind of implant in the person's mind what he looks like. But it takes a lot of concentration. He (he thinks like a male...) was in my dream last night too. He's not averse to doing... questionable things in his attempts to get what he wants.

That chef guy in my dream was creepy. x.x You don't DO that in a kitchen, it's unhygenic.

This can be my official 'random shit' post.

I just realised... if we all used all of our brainpower all at once, we would all become totally insane.



NO idea why that came into my head.
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