December 22nd, 2005

Marathon Creed

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Hooray, no more work until a week on Tuesday!

However, boo for having a doctor's appointment next Wednesday.

And again, hooray for getting three bottles of wine and a tin of Marks & Spencers belgian biscuits, courtesy of various subcontractors. :o

The guys went out to the pub for about three hours today, so I took the opportunity to... sleep. On my desk. :) It wasn't exactly fitful, but I do recall having a dream at one point. Shame I can't remember what the dream was...
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Marathon Creed

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I just watched The Pogues perform 'Fairytale of New York' with Katie Melua.

I'd have liked it more if they could have picked someone who could 1) sing in tune and 2) sing in time to the song...

Oh, and I read something in the newspaper that alternately made me laugh like a drain and shake my head in disgust.

LeAnne Rimes has declared that she has an 'incurable skin disease'.

Is it skin cancer? Nope, that's curable. Is it something contageous, or horribly disfiguring?

Nope, it's eczema.


I've got two kinds of eczema. I've got the one that appears on your head and face (which we now know is the reason why I look like I do. My skin is just cracking now...), and I've got the one that appears in vague circles on your body - I mostly get it on my wrists and upper arms.

I never knew that I could go round yelling "I HAVE AN INCURABLE SKIN DISEASE, PITY ME!!!!!" before.
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