December 19th, 2005

Marathon Creed

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My mother told me that I would think that Brazil by Terry Gilliam made no sense whatsoever and that I would find it to be really surreal.


I understood it perfectly, and didn't find it so surreal at all. :/

It's about work, the futility thereof, and how when you try to break out it's impossible: there's always something trying to drag you back and make you suffer for your attempts to escape. The only way out is death or insanity.

It's a view I've clung tightly to for years.
Marathon Creed

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I am afraid. I'm writing my first fanfic since I was 13, because of that damn Saiyuki dream. I'm soooo paranoid I'm getting the characters wrong, even though I KNOW that shouldn't bother me because of all the horror I've seen in the Pit of Voles.

*le sigh*

It's rather stiltingly written since I was at work...

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I moved to LJ and opened this page aaaall with the keyboard, since I unplugged my tablet to plug in my MP3 player. :/