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You know how some parents these days are complaining about their children incessantly texting on cellphones?

Well, my mother sent and received so many texts tonight that she actually managed to render my XBox 360 unplayable, because every single text message she sent or received turned my controller off.

It is NOT fun to be going around a corner at 150MPH when the game suddenly pauses and it says 'please reconnect controller'.

"Maybe your batteries are going."
"... I only charged it two days ago."

This is the battery pack that lasted me a few weeks.

I really need to find out if I can change the frequency on it.

I dread to think what it'd be like if we got broadband, as the only way we can manage it in this house is via wireless connections.

And if I hear her damn ringtone one. more. time. I'm going to throw the fucking phone out the window.

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