Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

I'm loving Project Gotham Racing 3.

I always had some kinda inkling that racing games were my thing, even if I'm not particularly good at them. But this game is awesome.

I just won the Speed King medal for finishing a race a whole minute and twenty seconds faster than the time limit. And after getting 7,000,000 credits by accident (well, by not actually buying anything cause the last car I bought was the 'Batmobile', which fishtails all over the gorram place), I now have three garages of shiny new cars. Most of which I can't control to save my life.

Now it looks like I've gotta do it all again on Easy, then Normal... etc. etc...

But 'least I got my pretty yellow Ferrari to hold close. Ain't nothing better than my pretty yellow Ferrari. :P

EDIT: Incidentally, Stupid Quote of the Day comes from me, re: PGR3. "The road's straight until it curves." Well, it made sense to ME at the time...

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