Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

Hehehe, it cracks me up when I give people the opportunity to critique a picture with a ton of mistakes, and they actually end up listing things that aren't even mistakes!

The neck wasn't too thick, it's actually too long. If it was shorter and had the muscle definition it should have, no one would say that (in fact, no one's said that before anyway). Also, she is not too fat around the abs. She's too thin. She's 15. She should only really be starting to lose the puppyfat that hangs around belly and face. If anything, with the training, she should have abs popping out like some cobbled path. Her narrow waist is a great unlikelihood, but she's also the girl with breasts that you'd expect from a 21 year old.

Not to mention the hips are too small, wrong in proportion to the chest and shoulders. The body is too long. The forehead juts out when it should be curving in, the nose and mouth are too far to the right, which made CGing a great awkwardness. There is no visible elbow where there should be one, no creases where they should be (straight-out sleeves do not happen. I don't think they got starch that strong in a small tribal style village either).

I figure people think I draw things then never look at 'em again. Wrong. I draw 'em, stare at 'em for a few days until I know all the faults, then shove them away in disgust because on knowing all the faults, I hate it. I critique my own work. Just wanted to see how people did when I already know the faults.

Badly, seems. :(

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