Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

Another very odd dream last night.

It started out with me taking a photo of the sunset on the top back garden. This in itself is not very odd. I love taking sunset photos, and I adore my camera and tripod, so to dream about that isn't so very odd to me.

It's just the fact that there were three moons too, one to the right of the sun and two to the left, in a nice crescent which apparently only occurred once every few hundred years or something. Plus the photos came out odd because of the intensity of the sunset...

Then it turned into... rooms. And doorways. Lots and lots of doorways.

Like, you could go into one doorway, but if you walked down the corridor beside that doorway and after two foot walked into another doorway that should have met up with the first one, it didn't. You came out somewhere else entirely.

I had to somehow maneuver a group of people through these doorways to get to a place I'd been before. I think half the time, people ended up wandering off. It's a pain to find people through those doors...

Sarah (raeble), you were in it too. o.o You were one of the most organised people there though. :P You actually knew where you were going.

There was also a girl, a bear (...), another guy, a couple of other people who didn't say much, a tiger and Simon from Firefly.

We got to a field, through one of the doorways. The girl and I nearly kissed, but ended up touching noses. She was cute... but as much as I liked her, I liked Simon too. I ran up to him and asked him if I could have a job (I know where that part comes from. I was supposed to finish my job in October...), and he was so taken aback he kinda said yes. But then the girl that I nearly kissed started glaring at me.

The house with all the doors, and loads of stairs, looked a little like a place I'd been in another dream. I'm really starting to seriously think that I'm only ever going to the same places in my dreams each time.

It's getting offputting... Places are the same every time. And the field behind the house in the first part was still the same dark brown mound with lines in that it had been before... So freaky.

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