Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,

You know you're getting too into X-Men when you dream about mutants.

Started out taking a test (why on earth any test would involve virtual reality killing chickens even once, let alone five times, I don't know), I think I did okay on it heh. Then it kind of progressed to talking to other mutants (there was one guy with very deep blue eyes and a very deep voice... black hair, kinda cute. :P ) about a teacher with an irrational dislike of the colour red and an even more irrational dislike of students who wore red - if he didn't like them already.

Turns out said teacher was kidnapping the female students and putting them on an island with kidnapped male mutants from elsewhere to see if you could 'breed' mutants.

Then a girl turned up from 'elsewhere' and fell head over heels in love with a Polish kidnapped mutant.

Very strange.

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