Regret (nothingtoregret) wrote,


I had a trial of Photoshop CS2 that came with a magazine. I didn't mind it, although I didn't get vast use out of it and prefer the free oC1.1 for colouring. PSCS2 is handy for sigs.

I would have bought it now my trial has ended. Except I checked out the price.

And for $600-700, they can go fuck themselves.

And they wonder why they have such vast amounts of piracy?! Because only companies and people with vast discounts can afford it, and it's not even that great except for the damn butterflies, which everyone uses on their artwork so I always avoided like hell.

Damnit, most PS brushes even work with Paint Shop Pro, which incidentally is VASTLY CHEAPER.

So, Adobe?

You can go screw yourselves. I hope you get pirated to hell and back. I won't be adding to it because really? You're WAY too optimistic, like the people in WoW that try to sell a stack of copper ore for 10g. It ain't happenin'.

I'll stick to PSP. It's nicer and it doesn't take fucking ages to boot up even on a good system. :D

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